1. Society’s resources are finite, not infinite.
  2. For these 95 theses, society’s resources are admission to America’s top colleges/universities and good jobs.
  3. Degrees from top colleges and universities confer lifelong advantages in reputation, networking, and job opportunities.
  4. Good jobs pay higher salaries and valuable benefits.
  5. Good educations and good jobs, joined with smart hard work, largely enable the American dream: material comfort and security, good housing, medical care, retirement.
  6. Admission to America’s top colleges/universities is constrained by annual limits. Every year, available seats are finite, and a correspondingly limited number of freshmen enroll every fall.
  7. Good jobs in America’s companies, corporations, organizations—public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small—are finite. At every point in time, the size of a workforce and the number of positions is fixed. Each position employs one worker.
  8. If an economy or an organization is growing, let alone shrinking, every employed position still employs one worker. A single hire is made for a single position. At every point in time, the total number of good jobs is finite, not infinite.
  9. Anyone who claims that society’s resources are not finite is disingenuous, uninformed, or naive. The disingenuous, especially if apostles of affirmative action, know that society’s (their organization’s) resources are limited. They want the jobs and the college admission slots for themselves and their favorites.
  10. Because of the desirable advantages conferred by top educations and good jobs, people compete keenly for both.
  11. In competing for prime educations and jobs, people present their accomplishments, preparation, experience, performance, talents, abilities, and references to offices, committees, and individuals who make admissions and hiring decisions. All of these factors represent authentic and proper qualifications for admissions and hiring.
  12. Affirmative action privileges applicant sex and race in awarding university admission and jobs as indulgences. In dispensing its indulgences, affirmative action favors women and minorities over white males.
  13. Because affirmative action favors sex and race, women and minorities, estrogen and melanin, vaginas and dark skin in admissions and hiring, its biological criteria supersede authentic and proper qualifications in the keen competition for society’s resources.
  14. By favoring sex and race, estrogen and melanin, vaginas and dark skin as bases for college admission and employment, affirmative action mocks and subverts authentic and proper qualifications.
  15. Since the establishment of affirmative action in 1965 (LBJ’s executive order 11246), estrogen and melanin have widely become valuable job and admissions qualifications. They typically exceed accomplishments, preparation, experience, performance, talents, abilities, and references as determinative qualifications for college admission and employment through affirmative action.
  16. In different but equivalent terms, vaginal possession and dark skin, being female and/or a minority are winning qualifications for college admission and employment through affirmative action.
  17. Affirmative action practitioners in higher education and human resources strive vigorously to “diversify” their student bodies and workforces by raising estrogen and melanin levels to attain “inclusiveness.”
  18. Devotees of affirmative action float different rationales. Whatever the claim, the practice results everywhere in the same intended outcome: fewer white males in student bodies and workplaces.
  19. The arc of the moral universe is long and bends toward indeterminacy.
  20. Federal law (Title VII) prohibits discrimination in employment based on sex and race.
  21. The equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment requires federal and state laws to treat people equally. College and job applicants cannot be treated unequally because of sex or race with respect to laws prohibiting discrimination based on sex and race.
  22. Non-discrimination statements on admissions and job announcements and applications universally include language like “[This organization] does not discriminate based on sex and race.”
  23. Affirmative action statements on announcements and applications universally include language like “[This organization] is an equal opportunity / affirmative action employer. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.” Or “[This organization] undertakes affirmative action to assure equal employment opportunity for minorities and women.” Or “[This organization] is committed to diversity. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.”
  24. If admissions offices and employers do not (cannot legally) favor or discriminate against applicants based on sex and race, how can they “undertake affirmative action for women and minorities”?
  25. If admissions offices and employers do not (cannot legally) favor or discriminate against applicants based on sex and race, why do they specify women and minorities as desirable applicants? Why do they exclude white males from their invitations and “equal opportunity” statements?
  26. In the artful language and practice of affirmative action and “equal opportunity,” “encouraging women and minorities to apply” is legal. “Seeking women and minorities” is illegal. Linguistic and procedural subterfuge is evident. The necessary artifice to discriminate “legally” against white males is in place.
  27. Defenders of affirmative action are legal contortionists. They rationalize illegal discrimination based on sex and race by bending, twisting, warping rhetoric and public justification so they can self-approvingly practice sexism and racism. Their deception and dishonesty are, however, transparent.
  28. To define affirmative action more literally, votaries also call it “positive discrimination,” a term that openly announces and embraces discrimination as its tool. “Positive” for women and choice minorities, negative for white males and AA’s throw-away minorities.
  29. In the language and implementation of affirmative action and “equal opportunity,” minorities are narrowly defined. The four broadly favored groups are African-American, American Indian, Asian-American, and Hispanic American.
  30. The nuts-and-bolts implementation of affirmative action and “equal opportunity” requires narrow definitions to discriminate based on race. “African-American” is too general and inexact, since black Americans may come from 54 African and numerous West Indian countries. “Asian-American” is too general and inexact, since Asian-Americans may come from 48 Asian countries. “Hispanic American” is too general and inexact, since Hispanic Americans may come from 22 Spanish-speaking countries. The wide world of color is too big, diverse, and inclusive for affirmative action’s very specific biases.
  31. In practice, “African-American” means descended from American slaves, not immigrants from Africa or black people from the West Indies. “Asian-American” means people of Cambodian, Hmong, Laotian, or Vietnamese descent, not Chinese-, Indian-, Japanese-, Korean-, or Asian-Americans of other heritages. “Hispanic American” means of Mexican or Puerto Rican descent, not Cuban-, Guatemalan-, Nicaraguan-, Peruvian-, Spanish-, or Hispanic Americans of other heritages. Affirmative action’s specific categories of eligibility and acceptable ethnicity are internally prejudiced and exquisitely racist.
  32. Once exposed, the specificity of affirmative action’s racism is even more offensive and indefensible, beyond its discrimination against white males.
  33. When affirmative action apostles deny they have specific racial favorites, press them to reveal their internal working definitions, their selection process and goals, and their all-important racial tracking data, unredacted and aggregated over time. Require them to show, not tell.
  34. Affirmative action privileges women as women across the board for being women.
  35. Affirmative action’s jackpot is the African-American female. The ne plus ultra, the crème de la crème. AA’s Promised Land, its Holy Grail, Paradise Found. “Equal opportunity’s” darling, its heartthrob, equalest of all. Visibly the most qualified (female, black) by affirmative action’s biological qualifications (estrogen, melanin).
  36. By contrast, affirmative action’s devil incarnate is The White Male. Source of all evil, supreme oppressor, arch villain, prince of privilege, mortal enemy, monopolizer of oxygen and all space, the social justice warriorette’s bugaboo and worst nightmare.
  37. Paradoxically, white males created affirmative action. White males (starting with LBJ in 1965) created the practice that discriminates against themselves, their sons and grandsons.
  38. As a small opening onto a large subject, Noah Feldman’s New York Times op-ed, “The Triumphant Decline of the WASP,” 27 June 2010, praises the (self-defeating) idealism and generosity of the nation’s founding and inheriting white Anglo-Saxon Protestant males. Feldman’s omission of affirmative action as one of their noble gifts stands out.
  39. For these 95 theses, religion is a category of no interest. Affirmative action does not privilege religion; it privileges sex (female) and race (as disclosed in thesis 31). It serves estrogen and narrowly defined melanin, vaginas and specific kinds of dark skin. Affirmative action rejects white males, regardless of religion.
  40. The arc of the moral universe is long and bends toward indeterminacy.
  41. History records pivotal moments when white males generously, idealistically, and self-defeatingly ceded power and standing to women and minorities.
  42. In 1868, a U.S. Congress of white males and white male legislatures across America granted citizenship regardless of race in a constitutional amendment.
  43. In 1870, a U.S. Congress of white males and white male legislatures across America granted the right to vote regardless of race in a constitutional amendment.
  44. In 1920, a U.S. Congress of white males and white male legislatures across America awarded the vote to women in a constitutional amendment.
  45. In 1965, LBJ authorized affirmative action—the preferment of women and minorities over white males for society’s resources—by executive action.
  46. In 1969, white male administrations at America’s Ivy League universities, as one class of America’s top universities, began admitting women.
  47. At each of these pivotal moments in history, white males were not forced to cede society’s resources. They were not forced to award stature and power to women and “people of color.” They gave these assets away voluntarily. They did so generously, idealistically, self-defeatingly.
  48. White Anglo-Saxon males founded the United States between 1776-1789. Some 150 white Founding Fathers and 250,000 white male Revolutionary War soldiers fought for and established the United States as a new nation for themselves, their friends and peers, their families. They did not found the nation to deprive and dispossess themselves, their sons and grandsons. Exactly the opposite. They did not found the nation to despise themselves for being male and white or to deny themselves and their descendants society’s resources. They did not found the nation to cede it to women and “people of color” in affirmative action.
  49. Affirmative action and its dogma are now the primary day-to-day weapons in a contemporary culture war against white males. The objective is to strip white males of society’s resources. Make no mistake as a white male, be clear-eyed and worldwise. It is social war. It is serious. It is consequential. You are the target. The stakes are fundamental.
  50. Affirmative action and its dogma are also the primary day-to-day weapons of identity politics—in this case, the personal politics of asserted female and minority victimization and compensatory entitlement.
  51. When affirmative action practitioners throughout the nation meet in private conference behind closed campus and workplace doors, they make confidential, illegal decisions based on sex and race about whom to admit and whom to employ. How is it otherwise possible that women and minorities increasingly predominate on campus and in the workplace? How is it otherwise possible that affirmative action’s acolytes continue to increase estrogen and melanin in student bodies and workforces? Superior authentic qualifications? Of course. The superior qualifications are always clearly evident.
  52. Affirmative action is fundamentally sexist and racist in philosophy and practice. Its practitioners condemn sexism and racism in principle only to practice sexism and racism to their liking. They condemn “discrimination” in admissions and hiring only to discriminate with abandon. Affirmative action’s practitioners are self-serving sexists and racists. Recognize and attack their chicanery.
  53. Every attack on affirmative action is necessarily sexist and racist. Affirmative action traffics in sexism and racism. Sexism and racism are its stock-in-trade. It can be engaged and rejected only in and on its own terms.
  54. “Equal opportunity” is a clever euphemism for discriminating against white males, for favoring estrogen and melanin over testosterone and lack of melanin, for preferring vaginas and dark skin over penises and white skin.
  55. As ardent practitioners of affirmative action, many academics like to say biological race doesn’t exist, that race is a “social construct.” They want to conflate “race” and “species” and persuade people that the two concepts are the same, which they are not. People understand what race is, and they recognize its physical characteristics. So do academics, who race to enact race-based affirmative action while claiming there’s no such thing as race in their anti-white-male agenda. If there’s no such thing as race, there is, of course, no such thing as “white” or “Caucasian” for affirmative activists in higher education to discriminate against. Academics are certainly the fanciest of duplicitous double-dealers.
  56. Another favorite affirmative action concept, especially in higher education, is “implicit bias” or “unconscious bias.” There is no need to clarify this additional attempt to dupe people into accepting affirmative action. White males and their allies should make sexual and racial bias explicit and overt, as affirmative action does. Admit and employ white males knowingly and aggressively.
  57. Affirmative action practitioners, its women and favored minorities, will gladly displace white males on campus and at work, then want even more (e.g., dominant power on campus and in the workplace, latitude to strengthen and expand affirmative action, authority to silence objections, fixed majorities in all branches and levels of government). They don’t want parity, they want control.
  58. Higher education increasingly mandates estrogen and melanin as admissions and job requirements. Estrogen- and melanin-free applications are routinely discarded as unqualified (thesis 50). White males with better authentic qualifications are rejected for being male and white, that is, not female and not brown (eligible pigmentation aside, thesis 31).
  59. As self-serving practitioners of affirmative action, women already dominate America’s college/university student bodies and higher education workforces with clear majorities (inform yourselves), but they will continue to insist they’re oppressed, underrepresented, and disempowered until they fully dominate and control campuses, until they successfully dispossess and displace not only white males, but males generally. Recognize this strategy and defeat it.
  60. Women do not care that they already dominate university campuses, both as students and workers, at the expense of men. They want to displace men, control America’s higher education system, and continue to serve themselves and their favored minorities from secure positions of power.
  61. Every woman and favored minority with a top university seat and a good job should check their affirmative action privilege: How much more for society and the profession could a better-qualified, more talented white male have done with your position?
  62. Women and minorities should of course gain college admission and employment. Opportunity is beyond question. They should not, however, gain admission and employment because they are women and minorities. They should not receive preference because of their estrogen and melanin credentials, because of their vaginas and dark skin. Authentic and proper qualifications should decide the antagonistic competition.
  63. How can affirmative action’s illegal discrimination against white males and its disposable minorities be defeated?
  64. Affirmative action’s illegality must be constantly challenged. Its violation of Title VII and the Fourteenth Amendment must be constantly attacked. Whenever AA discrimination is suspected or discovered, complaint and lawsuit must follow, as well as vociferous anti-affirmative action publicity.
  65. Discrimination based on sex and race in admissions and employment is illegal (Title VII and the Fourteenth Amendment). Affirmative action discriminates against white males and ineligible minorities based on estrogen and favored strains of melanin. Affirmative action’s illegality, duplicity, systematic and refined racism must be constantly exposed and attacked.
  66. If estrogen and melanin, vaginas and dark skin are legal and sufficient qualifications for college admission and hiring, then testosterone, penises, and white skin are also legal and sufficient. At every opportunity, white males and their allies must winnow, hire, and admit testosterone, penises, and white skin as equivalent biological qualifications in reverse affirmative action.
  67. Allied with white males against affirmative action are mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, aunts, nieces, girlfriends, fiancées, life partners, untargeted minorities, conservative targeted minorities, anyone who rejects affirmative action’s illegal discrimination based on sex and race.
  68. Affirmative action and “equal opportunity” must be fought in part with their own instruments.
  69. Affirmative action’s checkboxes can be used against it. If not its female checkbox (unless men wish to claim male-to-female trans status), white males and untargeted minorities can use racial and ethnic checkboxes freely and subversively.
  70. Affirmative action practitioners do not conduct genetic tests to verify checkmarks on admissions and employment applications. They act on people’s sex, race, and ethnicity boxes as checked, at face-value without investigation.
  71. Since affirmative action’s practitioners do not conduct genetic tests to verify sex, race, and ethnicity, it is possible to obtain society’s resources through affirmative action by liberally checking boxes. White males, unwanted African African-Americans, unwanted north-south-west-east Asian Asian-Americans, and unwanted Hispanic Americans from 20 countries outside Mexico and Puerto Rico can excite affirmative action by checking boxes that allow them to “pass” as (trans)women and favored minorities.
  72. To enjoy affirmative action, white males can pass as ethnic American Indians, Mexicans, and Puerto Ricans. Unwanted Asian-Americans can pass as Cambodian, Hmong, Laotian, or Vietnamese. Unwanted Hispanic Americans can pass as Mexican or Puerto Rican. Unwanted African-Americans can pass as descendants of slaves emancipated by the Great Emancipator more than 150 years ago.
  73. White males who discover some African DNA in their ancestry.com genetic tests can confidently claim and document African-American status for college admission and employment. Ancestry.com opens similar opportunities for AA’s other privileged categories. Box-check with genetic confidence!
  74. Have no scruples about subverting a practice that is illegal and saturated with internal prejudice and racism. Subvert affirmative action in civil disobedience. Have fun. Prosper.
  75. The arc of the moral universe is long and bends toward indeterminacy.
  76. The most effective weapon for abolishing affirmative action is political power—gaining and controlling government power in executive, legislative, and judicial branches across the country. With decisive anti-discrimination majorities in local, state, and national government, affirmative action’s sexist and racist favoritism can be legislatively and judicially abolished.
  77. Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Texas (1997), and Washington have banned affirmative action within their state boundaries. Consistent with Title VII and the Fourteenth Amendment, these states have banned illegal discrimination based on sex and race in college admissions and employment.
  78. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld in 2014 that it is constitutional and legal for individual states to ban affirmative action.
  79. The U.S. Supreme Court should follow the lead of Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Texas, and Washington and ban affirmative action in all contexts across the nation. AA was, after all, an executive action by LBJ, not a law proposed and passed by the U.S. Congress.
  80. Solicitation of sex and race information on admissions and employment applications must end. Announced sex and race preferences (“encouraging women and minorities to apply”) must be banned from advertisements and applications.
  81. White males must defend and protect their interests. Women and favored minorities will not do so. On the contrary, these will continue to dispossess and displace white males through affirmative action. Wherever white males possess a shade of an advantage, they must maintain and expand it.
  82. White males must keep and defend the resources they haven’t already given away. If it’s in your possession and within your power to extend it to other white males, do not self-defeatingly give it away to women and minorities. Define “it” as appropriate in your case.
  83. The arc of the moral universe is long and bends toward indeterminacy.
  84. Much has been given away. With determination, much can be regained. Attack affirmative action’s illegality. File lawsuits. Reclaim society’s resources, peer by peer. Refuse to give away what resources you still have as white males. Obstruct and subvert affirmative action’s sex- and race-based discrimination at every opportunity.
  85. Do not feel guilt or shame for being born male and white. Do not allow affirmative action’s minions and other “social justice warriors” to convince you, in service to themselves, that you should feel guilty and ashamed for being male and white. Reject the swindle and fight back.
  86. White males owe women and preferred minorities nothing in consequence of being born male and white. They owe women and favored minorities nothing for striving to succeed in life and trying to secure society’s resources in the antagonistic competition of the marketplace.
  87. Wake up. Mobilize around sex and race, your sex and your race, your maleness and your whiteness. That’s what affirmative action has been doing with estrogen and melanin since 1965 and will continue to do against you. Aggressively and without sympathy.
  88. Given an inch, affirmative action practitioners will take the mile to implement their illegal sex- and race-based discrimination. For this reason, there can be no “qualified” allowance of affirmative action. The illegal practice must be completely abolished everywhere in society.
  89. White males and their families must increase their numbers to strengthen their political power. Immigration’s doors can also be thrown open (again) to white Europeans. Doing so is simply a matter of political power and will.
  90. Affirmative action has metastasized in higher education. The nation’s colleges and universities are largely lost to its malignancy, but they can be incrementally restored. At every opportunity, white males and their allies must disrupt and excise the malignant growth. In departments, colleges, divisions, and offices where white males and their allies have power to oppose affirmative action—admit and hire white males. When questioned by AA dogmatists, reply that only the best, most qualified candidates are always admitted and hired. Challenge, obstruct, reject affirmative action in the academy at every turn, especially if you are empowered by tenure. Launch or support state initiatives to prohibit affirmative action, as other states have already done. It is constitutional and necessary to do so. Litigate when appropriate.
  91. As affirmative action dies—as it must because of its fundamental illegality—protests from its sexist, racist stalwarts can be disregarded. No matter how strident, their protests can simply be ignored.
  92. At no time does protest obligate white males to surrender society’s resources. At no time does protest obligate self-dispossession. Reject historical precedent (theses 40-47) in the present. Refuse to repeat and condone a self-defeating past.
  93. Counterexample: AA practitioners ignore protests against affirmative action from white males and discarded minorities. They forge ahead with their illegal favoritism based on sex and race. This circumstance must change.
  94. The arc of the moral universe is long and bends toward justice:
  95. If white males continue to cede society’s resources to affirmative action, if they continue to dispossess themselves, their sons and grandsons by accommodating an inimical practice, they deserve to be deprived and dominated on campus and at work by women and privileged minorities. They deserve affirmative action’s judgment. They deserve to be dispossessed and displaced in a functioning and effective social Darwinism that is unkind to generous, high-minded fools.

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    500 Years Martin Luther, 31 October 2017

    Posted 5 October 2017, by virtual hammer and nail, following
    Mrs. Obama’s 3 Oct. remarks at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women.
    Theses 36, 48, 49, 50, 52, 57, 81, 85, 89, 95.